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Our story

"My goal is for your dog to be not just your best friend, but your best behaved friend"

          Marty, LBDogs.

I started as the trainer at my local dog shelter. While working at the shelter I came to understand that many dogs did not belong or deserve to be there. Proper training and behavior modification would have prevented many dogs from being surrendered.

Consequently, I founded LB Dogs with one major purpose: keeping dogs with their families.
We teach dog socialization, understanding dog behavior and provide people with the tools to establish a better relationship with their dogs.

We began volunteering in our community by offering a weekly free dog training clinic. We also work with a number of rescue groups to rehabilitate their rescue dogs.
As a result of greater demand we began to offer group and private (one-on-one) training. 

We proudly work with Island Bark Rescue and Ruff Dog Rescue to help rehabilitate poorly treated dogs.

How to Get Here

Every Sunday at 9:30 AM meet us at Kennedy Plaza in  Long Beach for our free training clinic.

59-83 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

Our Team
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Contact Us

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Located in Long Island’s south shore, we offer group obedience classes and private lessons.  We specialize in basic training and behavior modification.


We create a program specific to the dog’s needs focusing on the partnership between dog and handler.  Our methods are simple and effective:

  • Teaching a dog how to follow directions and teaching the handler how to give those directions.

  • Teaching the handler how to communicate with the dog as well as how to read the dog’s body language.  

  • Teaching how a properly structured walk is a key element of the training process.

  • Learn to function as a team.

We offer basic obedience training for the following actions:

Come, Sit, Extended sit, Extended down, Place, Extended place, Out, Off, and Loose leash walking

Because we tailor training to specific needs fees vary.


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