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                      was founded with the purpose of keeping dogs from being surrendered to shelters. We thoroughly understand dog behavior and provide our customers and friends with the tools to establish a better relationship with their dogs.  We offer group and private training for your dog.

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"Thank you to Marty for all your help with Buddy!! I will give your name to anyone I meet looking for help with training their dog!!", S. Zimmerman

"Thanks to Martin Aynat, one of the amazing trainers at LB-Dogs who is helping us train Oreo so he finds his forever home. Oreo has learned that he is not allowed on the couch and his place as a dog. Oreo is sitting up front with us while we finish rescue paper work playing with his toys quietly. Just one training with Marty and Oreo is already improving. We love LB Dogs and Marty", Island Bark Rescue

"The 2 big boys that can not be near each other except when the REAL dog whisper has them", Tim Elcorano 

"I think this is the very aggressive doberman named Diesel. Totally changed dog, thanks to lbdogs", Helen Lee

"I would like to give a huge shout out to our truly wonderful trainer, Marty Aynat at LB-Dogs. Marty donates SO much of his time to the LB Dogs community, and has transformed the lives of so many pups and owners. I feel so fortunate to have been connected with Marty through the awesome rescue Auti and Nash came from (Island Rock Rescue). Since starting our work with Marty, Auti and Nash have improved leaps and bounds. The community that Marty has created through all of his hard work is friendly, encouraging, and dedicated. I guarantee that you will not find a community more dedicated to and caring of their dogs than this one. So thank you to LB Dogs for all that they do!"

Kerri Lyn Ackerly

"Bailey is making progress with the wonderful trainer Martin Aynat. Everyday she surprises me ....she is very loved. Karen Miller Herbert, Ruff Dog Rescue Northeast"


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